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Recently, Marc came upon a dilemma that all car owners can relate to - his next oil change was due soon.

Fruity Loop

They might have been chipping their code out of the living mountain with stone tools and classic ASP, but they weren't primitive. Colt's development team still required code reviews of all of the classic ASP code before it went to production. Sure, most of the time, an ASP code review ended with, "ARGH WHY WHY MY EYES THE PAIN!", but the code still got reviewed.
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"When I first found this custom 'enum'," writes Garrett Hopp," I had assumed that my predecessor had re-implemented the DayOfWeek Enumeration. I suppose that wouldn't be that big of a WTF as discovering the built-in DayOfWeek does involve using a search engine... which many developers seem to struggle with."

A Heated Situation

Recently, some new people transferred into Evi's group after being swallowed up as part of a intercompany shuffle. After everybody got nestled into their new pocket of the cubicle farm, the topic of bringing over their server hardware came up.
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Lucky Pointing

"When I look at the way that my predecessor wrote his code," Benedikt B wrote, "I can't help but wonder if he understood pointers as well as Kramer understood write-offs."

Net -5

"I got this bill from Comcast," James Wilkinson wrote, "apparently it was due 5 days before it was generated."
I guess it's been quite a while since I did the last Does Not Compute, but here goes another round! Please do send in your own stories, and who knows, in a few years we may see another .
Yes, I suppose The Real WTF™ is a conference named St. Louis Days of .NET, but like most curiosities there's a good reason. What used to be a single day (and an aptly named) event turned into three days of sessions, networking, and all sorts of other exciting things for  .NET developers. And it's at a casino, which means I'll be raking it in with my Perch Roulette Strategy, in addition to doing a talk or two.
"Performance matters," Bob was told on his first day. The company prided itself on using the latest, cutting-edge techniques, and emphasized the use of client-side code to keep the application responsive.
"One morning," wrote Justin Reese, "my client reported that was a strange bug on a certain page in an app I built for them. Where the contact information for a series of offices was being displayed, all the information was correct except for one piece: the phone number. For multiple locations, the phone number displayed was the same: 214-748-3647."

Dpogf sf odf !qAspo

"I spotted this at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 just after the security check," wrote Ergin Salih. "One of the monitors is obviously trying to tell us something that nobody seems to be interested in, it just bounces around the screen."
Hey Pittsburgh Readers – I'll be in town this weekend, so who's up for grabbing a couple drinks tomorrow, Friday (July 13) Night at Market Square? Mark, Remy, and I will be there -- just drop me a line and we'll catch up. Oh, and I'll make sure to bring a TDWTF Mug for you if you’d like one (just let me know).

Just a Warm-Up

Brian worked for the American government. Specifically, he worked for a small branch on a very small project with a budget so small that it was governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. To cut costs, the pointy-haired, grey-suited bureaucrats that ran the office found all sorts of inventive ways to save money, most of which were just minor nuisances that could generally be ignored.
"I've been trying to fix up the last project a colleague completed before heading for greener pastures," wrote Philip Tyre. "After finding this comment, I'm beginning to have bad thoughts about what I may find lurking around..."
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Lee S. nodded gently as she re-read the message-board post.
"The code that I maintain was originally developed when OS/2 Warp was considered new," Danielle writes. "One of the biggest challenges I have is that the original coders are long gone, and the comments they left behind aren't exactly useful."
 Although Martin had been a programmer at the company for several years, he was never was able to escape his second-rate status. And how could he? With two rockstar programmers at the helm, he was lucky that their brilliance didn't outshine him to a third- or even forth-rate status. Heck, he was just lucky to be in their presence.
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