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Alex Papadimoulis lives in Berea, Ohio. As a managing partner at Inedo, LLC, he uses his 10 years of IT experience to bring custom software solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses and to help other software development organizations utilize best practices in their products.

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Self Documenting

"A little while back, someone introduced the concept of 'self-documenting' code to our team," writes Ryan L. "It was certainly a step forward, but it's somehow taken us two steps backwards. Consider, for example, the following code from an MVC controller."

Out of Service

"I came across this 'digital' sign in NY Penn Station," Dan wrote, "for some reason, it makes me think of Mitch Hedberg."
I'm on vacation this week and am a bit behind on all things TDWTF; so, here's Behavioral Deficiencies. It's a classic that was originally published on February 28, 2008.
"When the job ad specified that an 'enterprise' Senior Java Developer was needed, I knew I'd be in a treat for some enterprisey goodness," writes Chris B, "but what I didn't expect was the User Agent Detection Generation Framework. Here's what the API for this framework looks like."

A Minor Error

"I was a bit worried when I received an alert from the bank telling me that my balance went bellow $25," Mike, "I called the bank to see what was going on, and they chalked it up to a 'minor' error. I'd sure like to know what a major one is..."
Simple Date Validation "I'm very fortunate that my new job is at a cool company working with cool coworkers on cool projects," writes Dave via the Submit to WTF Visual Studio Plug-in.

The Core Launcher

“You R haccking files on my computer~!!!” Charles Carmichael read in a newly-submitted support ticket, “this is illigle and I will sue your whoal compiny. But first I will tell every1 nevar to buy youre stupid game agin.”
"As part of my new role for a software development firm," writes David Mayer, "I was assigned to sift through some code looking for bugs in the dictionary and spellchecking system. That's how I came across a function called get_words_from_a_number_which_is_passed_as_a_perimeter_into_this_function."

Complex Drying

"I liked the trial version of Marble Blast Ultra," wrote TJ, "but after some deliberation, I decided $53,687,091.18 worth of MS points was a little steep for the full version."
"Working through a pretty ugly project, I came across this C# beauty," Matt B writes, "at first, I was unsure of what it did. I was utterly perplexed until I took a second look at the function name. "
"I recently found this while going over some code in a Util library used by my project," Ian writes, "clearly, this method makes sure the job gets done."

Really Secure WPA

"I appreciate that TeamViewer gives me an option to update," writes Chris, "it's just too bad that option is 'No'."
Women ARE from Moires! (from Shane) As the net admin for a small municipality, I don't get to do front-line support much anymore, but a few years ago, I fielded one that was rather bizarre. A user called complaining about distortion on her CRT... it looked all... "melted". Their office was just down the hall so I went over and sure enough, the display was badly mangled. Degaussing didn't help. Then I noticed a foot-long fluorescent light affixed to the bottom of the metal shelf above the monitor.
"I was recently assigned to work on a project that had been abandoned by its developer," wrote George Z. "After I checked-out the code for the first time, I started sifting through hundreds of lines of bad syntax, and bad practices."

Roman Enumeration

"At my company, the powers-that-be determined that, because we rejected a lot of job candidates, my group was ineffective at hiring new employees,"Kendall writes, "thus, the responsibility of hiring new developers was shifted to a group much more proficient at hiring: human resources."
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