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Remy Porter lives in Pittsburgh, PA. During his ten years of IT work, he's been a helpdesk monkey, an independent contractor, a technical trainer and most recently a lead developer for an international company.

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A Byte of Booleans

Carl’s investigation started when he found out that his predecessor had set up a cronjob to restart Tomcat every three hours. Carl never tracked down one specific reason why the application server needed to be restarted every three hours, but paging through code like this, he knows the problem’s in there somewhere.
Many European nations require their citizens to serve in the military. For those not ready for that Starship Troopers-esque future, most of those nations offer a civilian alternative. In Finland, this is called “siviilipalvelus”.
“The users want some changes on the ticket form,” Bucky, the smiling intern said. “I was told I should talk to you.”

The Lone Rangers

It started when David tried to access a Singleton and got a null-pointer exception. Then he noticed some bugs where the Singleton had inconsistent state. And then he looked at the code…

The Slowdown

The marketing firm managed the web presence of several large banks and needed a Unix admin. Nick had spent the past decade running heavy HP-UX servers in the banking industry. It seemed like a very natural fit, and Nick thought he was going to enjoy the faster pace in a smaller firm. The firm, as he learned, was broken into two major branches: consulting and everything else. Everything else existed to keep consulting happy, since consulting pulled down the big bucks. On Nick’s first day, his boss Ted introduced him to Larry, one of those consultants. Larry had some very important things to tell everyone who worked with the server team.

Big-Data JSON

When Matthew saw this attempt at a JSON serializer, he had one question: why didn’t you use one of the many libraries we already use in this application?
“Hey, is that a COBOL book on your shelf?”

Hexed Id

The web application David inherited has one main job: fetch articles based on the integer ID passed on the URL. The only trick to the whole thing is that the ID might be encrypted and represented as a hexadecimal number.
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