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Telecommunications manufacturing is a cut-throat business. Features, functionality and hardware need to be added and continuously improved at a frenetic pace in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Engineers must constantly increase their skills to leverage the latest advances in technology to design and build the best product possible at the lowest cost. Slip up just a little, and it can be a death knell for your company.

Too Much Sleep

I've frequently posted about my attempts to speed up our system being thwarted by sleepy management decisions about application performance. Our application is essentially: query data, crunch data and save results. Each of those tasks took approximately 1/3 of the run time. A large part of my job is to make the application run more quickly. Every time I fixed something, something else would break, not because I coded something incorrectly, but because of the fragility of our application, other associated applications and the database. For instance... Sleep for the database

A Forest of Trees

Our system was written by neophyte troglodytes who didn't follow standards of any kind. They coded whatever they wanted, however they wanted, whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted. Usually via copy/paste/plagiarize.

Color Me Stupid

Andy's company develops solutions for "Industrial" handheld devices. To make deployment and updates easier, they each run a thin client so only the server is different from project to project. This client was written by a long-gone employee in the early nineties, and had barely changed since because it "just worked". Updating it was discouraged for fear of breaking backward-compatibility.