Mark Bowytz

Mark is from Pittsburgh, PA and has 10 years of IT experience. During that time, he has worked for a few of the local large corporations and even the county government in various developer positions.

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"I'm kind of surprised to see these kinds of positive ratings for soundtracks that may or may not exist," writes Bobby S.
States and their abbreviations are among my favorite kinds of data - they almost never ever change and, as such, you can hard code all that information into your app. I mean, why bother fetching it from the database every page load? That's just wasted CPU cycles.
Rob wrote, "I was trying to raise a service request for an Office 365 issue but the service request functionality was broken. I could of course try and report this... by raising a service request."

Welcome to Word!

"The first time I started up Word 2013, it offered to give me a tour. Upon reflection, this probably is a pretty accurate tour," writes Matt M..
99% of terrible emails are just that. Horrible. However, there's that glimmering 1% of terrible emails that are so bad that they end up being pretty good. Here are a few of them. And, as always, remember - send us your (best) worst emails. We love them!
"Wow! The IEEE takes privacy so seriously that they redacted the entire table of contents!" Jeremy R. wrote.
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