Feature Articles

Pop-up Potpourri

A collection of humorous and off-beat, generally computer-generated, error messages.

Tales from the Interview

Job interview stories.


A four part series that tells of the rise and fall of Virtudyne, one of the largest privately-financed ($200M) disasters in our industry.

Representative Line

A single line of code from a large application that somehow manages to provide an almost endless insight into the pain that its maintainers face each day.

Coded Smorgasbord

Inspired by the Pop-up Potpourri, the examples presented here aren't necessarily "bad" code nor do they imply the miserable failure that we're all used to reading here. The examples are more-or-less fun snippets of code like ones that we've all written at one time or another.


Code Snippet Of the Day (CodeSOD) features interesting and usually incorrect code snippets taken from actual production code in a commercial and/or open source software projects.


Error'd features fun error messages and other visual oddities from the world of IT.

Alex's Soapbox

Best of the Sidebar

It's the Best of the Sidebar. What, did you expect more from a title like that?

Mandatory Fun Day

A web comic about software, technology, and life as a corporate code monkey.


Souvenir Potpourri

Bring Your Own Code

The goal of BYOC is simple: provide an outlet for you, the enquiring software developer, to sharpen your programming skills on a problem a bit more interesting than the normal, boring stuff. That, and to put your code where you mouth is, so to say.

Off Topic