Tian van Heerden wrote, "this message came up on the automated parking pay-station at Cavendish Square here in Cape Town."


"I was searching for lyrics on Google, when I came across this search result,"writes Aaron M.. "How would Google know the SQL behind this page? I checked the page source: <span style='display: none;'>SELECT * FROM tblLyr WHERE album = 'Illinois' AND auteur = 'Sufjan Stevens'</span>. I guess you can 'none', but you can't hide from Google!"


"Luckily, I was porting my old number," James Seward writes, "I don't think anyone could dial my new one."


"I was playing Red Alert 3 when suddenly it crashed," Jasmin wrote, "the dialog went on and on and on... here's the top 10% fof the screen snag."


Paul decided to pass on watching this.


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