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Axosoft   Axosoft - makers of OnTime, the all-in-one bug tracker, requirements manager, desk incident tracker, and project wiki. Check out this short video to see what OnTime's all about.
Codemesh   Codemesh - if you need to integrate Java and C++ components, you could always "enterprise up" with web services... or you could try out JunC++ion, a Java/C++ integration technology designed from the ground up to solve cross-language integration problems.
JetBrains   JetBrains - the folks behind TeamCity (a build management and continuous integration server) and some other neat tools including IntelliJ IDE and ReSharper.
LogicNP Software   LogicNP Software - developers of Shell MegaPack 2008 for .NET and ActiveX, a set of Windows explorer controls for file and folder browsing and all sorts of various Shell components.
Mindfusion   MindFusion - a great source for floatcharting and diagramming components for a variety of platforms including .NET, WPF, ActiveX and Swing
Mosso   Mosso - massively scalable hosting for .NET (2,3,3.5) PHP, Ruby, etc., with unlimited sites & mailboxes, simple online provisioning, and an enterprise clustered platform that's supported by real people.
SlickEdit   SlickEdit - makers of that very-impressive code editor and some pretty neat Eclipse and VisualStudio.NET tools and add-ins, some of which (Gadgets) are free. Check out this short video highlighting just one of SlickEdit's Visual Studio integration features.
Splunk   Splunk - Search, navigate, alert and report on all your IT data in real time. Logs, configurations, messages, traps and alerts, script, code, metrics and more. If a machine can generate it -- Splunk can eat it.
SoftLayer   SoftLayer - serious hosting provider with datacenters in three cities (Dallas, Seattle, DC) that has plans designed to scale from a single, dedicated server to your own virtual data center (complete with racks and all)
WTF   The Non-WTF Job Board - Powered by HiddenNetwork, it features some great job opportunities like:


And for something completely different, Ben noticed this poorly-placed escape door just above a parking lot in Milwauke, Wisconson.


While hanging out at "Scotland's Secret Bunker" - a Scottish government hideout for a nuclear war now turned tourist attraction - Ian Gent noticed this disturbing note posted. Thankfully, he had a chance to send the picture before 4:00.


Candy Schwartz was a bit perplexed by this sign at The Stone Zoo near Stoneham, MA. As it turned out, it's a Massachusetts phrase meaning that you can only STAY in your parked car if you are dead.


Having seen the most unfriendly order confirmation page, ever, Travis Schettler has never been more tempted to contact customer service to see if his order was received...


This pic from Jorge spaeks for itself...


And finally, some classic computer ads dug up by Mark Bowytz...

"What are a viking, Edgar Allen Poe, Chief Sitting Bull, Jerry Orbach, Admiral Lord Nelson, and the Burger King all looking for in a small business computer system? For starters, an imitation leather case.


"I bet you didn't know that The Incredible Hulk worked a brief stint as a hand model for reporting software...


"Who needs 'Clippy' when your word processor's mascot is a freaking cougar?"