Just Following Out of Order Orders

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"Instructables alphabetic sorting by each country's name in its own language (i.e. Spain == Espana) is a great idea, but it kind of makes for a hard to navigate list," writes Peter L.

A Blacklisted Senior

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Damien has the “pleasure” of supporting JavaScript code which runs, not in a browser or Node, but inside of a proprietary runtime specialized in handling high-performance collection datatypes. You can write extremely fast code, so long as you’re using the collection types correctly. This is good, because a lot of those JavaScript blocks have to be executed for every single request. Milliseconds of execution time add up faster than you think.

One of Damien’s senior peers needed to add some code that would filter fields out of a response. Data fetched from the database would be compared against a blacklist of fields to exclude- those fields should be removed from the collection.

Producing Self Joins

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Wesley considers himself an “intermediate SQL-er”. The previous “database expert”, though, has moved on to greener pastures, and now Wesley is “the database person”. This means that they need to pick through a bunch of stored procedures and triggers and try and understand the undocumented, unversion-controlled database code.

The upshot, is that Wesley is starting to feel like his intermediate skills might be more “expert” than the previous expert.

Break your Labels

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Nedra writes “I discovered this code while cleaning up and refactoring some label printing methods in a home-grown ERP that I maintain.”

The code in question “works most of the time”, which means it’s crossed a line of code quality. Speaking of crossing lines, this particular block of code needs to take information about how a product is formulated and print it on a label. These sorts of ERP functions are “mission critical”, in that correct and accurate formulations- whether the ingredients list on a foodstuff or the ingredients in a can of paint, or an industrial solvent- are required for regulatory compliance.

The Label Printer

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If you create a UI object in code, you have to go through all that pesky, annoying work of initalizing that object so it displays correctly. I mean, who wants to write VB.NET code which looks like this:

Label = New Label Label.Size = New Size(710, 300) Label.TextLB = "Operation:" someForm.Controls.Add(Label)

Identification Without Authentication

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Mark M. wrote, "While I was reading the Feb 6th DailyWTF, Feedly chimed in with this helpful comment that really put it in context."

It's For DIVision

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We’ve discussed the evil of the for-case pattern in the past, but Russell F offers up a finding which is an entirely new riff on this terrible, terrible idea.

We’re going to do this is chunks, because it’s a lot of code.

Copy/Paste Culture

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Mark F had just gone to production on the first project at his new job: create a billables reconciliation report that an end-user had requested a few years ago. It was clearly not a high priority, which was exactly why it was the perfect items to assign a new programmer.

"Unfortunately," the end user reported, "it just doesn't seem to be working. It's running fine on test, but when I run it on the live site I'm getting a SELECT permission denied on the object fn_CalculateBusinessDays message. Any idea what that means?"