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28 Aug 2015

Political Errors

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-08-28

"I agree, Google. When it comes to news coverage of politically sensitive topics, many errors have occurred," writes Scott.

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21 Aug 2015

Nil, null, nihilism

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-08-21

"Figures. A suggestion devoid of meaning," writes Blake R..

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14 Aug 2015

Are You Using?

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-08-14

"No! Never! Absolutely not!...Well, OK, back in college. Just once," writes Jack R..

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07 Aug 2015

Piles of Unsanitized Clothes

by Mark Bowytz in Error'd on 2015-08-07

"I'm not sure if the WTF is that I have to find 0000FF]2 piles of dirty clothes," Simon H. writes, "or the fact that the ']' makes it look like they entered the information in something resembling BBCODE."

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