Code Snippet Of the Day (CodeSOD) features interesting and usually incorrect code snippets taken from actual production code in a commercial and/or open source software projects.
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The Long Glow

"It was around 2005 when I landed my first job at a small software company," writes Derek, "I was the youngest programmer on the team by at least a decade, and my coworkers certainly made sure I remembered it. Fortunately, it was all in good fun, but they reminded me that I had a long way to go and that I should learn from older, more experienced folks – presumably like them."

The Extensible Menu

"The product we maintain has come a long way," writes Tod Hoven, "the backbone is a three-tier VB6 application that is slowly being ported and rewritten in .NET languages (VB.NET / C#)."
"This is a small peek into the production database of one of our client's systems," writes Walter. "I wish I could say that this was an unused table, an isolated occurrence... or even that I had some other job prospects. But sadly, none of those are the case."
Everybody in the IT department was quite happy -- even a little surprised -- with how well the outsourced project to replace the legacy billing system was progressing.

The Bit Setter

"Bit manipulation can be tricky," writes Nathan, "especially if you have no familiarity with bitwise operators or logic."


"At my company," writes Ryan L, "we have a 'certain' developer who has been here a while but is very reluctant to learn or improve. In fact, he actively works against the rest of us when we want to implement pesky things like proper version control, design patterns, or architecture to our code behind having 3000-line code-behind files."
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