Code Snippet Of the Day (CodeSOD) features interesting and usually incorrect code snippets taken from actual production code in a commercial and/or open source software projects.
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"When I first found this custom 'enum'," writes Garrett Hopp," I had assumed that my predecessor had re-implemented the DayOfWeek Enumeration. I suppose that wouldn't be that big of a WTF as discovering the built-in DayOfWeek does involve using a search engine... which many developers seem to struggle with."
"Performance matters," Bob was told on his first day. The company prided itself on using the latest, cutting-edge techniques, and emphasized the use of client-side code to keep the application responsive.
Hey Pittsburgh Readers – I'll be in town this weekend, so who's up for grabbing a couple drinks tomorrow, Friday (July 13) Night at Market Square? Mark, Remy, and I will be there -- just drop me a line and we'll catch up. Oh, and I'll make sure to bring a TDWTF Mug for you if you’d like one (just let me know).
Lee S. nodded gently as she re-read the message-board post.
"The code that I maintain was originally developed when OS/2 Warp was considered new," Danielle writes. "One of the biggest challenges I have is that the original coders are long gone, and the comments they left behind aren't exactly useful."