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In the 90s, if a continent-spanning national government wanted to communicate via a bulletin board system, they needed to code it themselves. And if they were going to invent the wheel, what language was better suited to the task than Visual Basic 2.0? Slap a pithy name on it- Chessboard and voila- instant success. [expand full text]
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Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 04:14 • by Steve The Cynic
"nostalgia fan-service"... Maybe, but I'd rather see Japanese anime fan-service, thanks.

((Look in the comments...))

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 04:15 • by Poo 'Stache (unregistered)
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Then we can hunt down posters who try to make people feel good, and lynch them.


Don't need much rope for that, though.

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 04:36 • by Zemm
LOL I just Googled for "Australian visual basic" and the result was the one true VB. In fact the first nine results are all about Victoria Bitter and not Visual Basic.

Re: What's with the brony art?

2012-12-12 07:41 • by Lockwood
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No Bronies!:
Alright, why is this page littered with "Click here" Brony art?

Don't like it, don't click it.

(Also, cornify unicorns aren't MLP unicorns, unless they've added a few more now)

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 13:44 • by Beta (unregistered)
The server was confiscated, Daniel got a stern reprimand, and the matter was mostly forgotten. At least until a month later, when the IT manager announced the release of their new bulletin board, Checkerboard.

I wonder how management would react if Daniel went around casually boasting that he had created Checkerboard. You know that look managers get on their faces when they want to chastise you, but know they can't actually say what for without sounding ridiculous?

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 15:52 • by Jim (unregistered)
Gotta stop lying on these things guys!!!

Come on, who here would believe that Government Auditors could ever find anything more than a big pile of money? It simply doesn't happen (Incidentally, we lent the US some of our government auditors when they were out looking for WMD in the Middle East).

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 16:01 • by Micky (unregistered)
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He was reprimanded for running an unauthorised server to chat with his workmates. Nowadays they would have reprimanded him for not having Facebook and Twitter accounts (linked to their internal social network), then hired another community manager to, huh, manage more communities. He costs twice as much as a programer, but it's worth it, he's an expert on people after all.
We got a new (well, I guess he's been there 12 months now) IT Security guy (Director) in our department - comes with a pretty impressive history through various semi-secret government and Defence departments. And he's as paranoid as they come (although to his credit not randomly paranoid like much of his staff). Anywho, in his first week, one of the senior BigWigs (DCEO or something) wanted access to some social networking interface (actually might have been access to the network from iPad, I forget) and he basically said "Fuck off, that's a major security risk and there is absolutely no way you could come up with a business case for needing it". Of course, the DCEO wasn't used to this sort answer (we'd spent a fairly significant amount of money providing BlackBerry access for the execs - because one of them had bought one and was upset that they couldn't use it {I know little of BlackBerry, but apparently an equivalent solution could have been made in Microsoft Mobile [or something] for considerably less}). Anywho, queue DCEO to complain to CIO, and CIO to have a word with IT Sec who essentially responded with "If you want me to keep your shit secure you have to let me tell anyone they can't fucking have shit"....

He's still there, and as far as I know constantly telling execs to fuck off too.....

How's that for a story that went nowhere?

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 16:02 • by Jim (unregistered)
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This middle-manager did what middle-managers did when they wanted access to an IT resource: she called the helpdesk and asked for access.

I call shenanigans. My manager asks me to sort everything out and is most upset if I say, "Call the helpdesk." Given the competence of the helpdesk, I'm not surprised.
Yeah, I thought this was unlikely too. I've never known a middle manager to call help desk - delegation, tears and a LOT of complaining are all I've ever seen from them.....

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-12 16:06 • by Dogs (unregistered)
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Matt Westwood:

Can't be Australia because the west coast of Australasia is in fact New Zealand.

New Zealand is _east_ of Australia, and it's actually on its own (mostly submerged) continent, Zealandia. Australiasia isn't a continent, just a colloquial term for Australia and New Zealand.
But we all know that the the New Zealanders are just lower-class Aussies anyway....

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-13 00:23 • by Cheong (unregistered)
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And they gave Daniel a knighthood?

And it all happened in black and white.

No luck. Checkerboard is in black and red.

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-13 12:26 • by Bruno (unregistered)
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It really sounds like a Brazil thing to me.

Re: Checkmate

2012-12-17 18:26 • by JJ (unregistered)
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Knight jumps queen! Bishop jumps queen! Pawns jump queen!

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