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"At my company," writes Ryan L, "we have a 'certain' developer who has been here a while but is very reluctant to learn or improve. In fact, he actively works against the rest of us when we want to implement pesky things like proper version control, design patterns, or architecture to our code behind having 3000-line code-behind files." [expand full text]
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Re: Mybad

2012-05-09 12:37 • by Neil (unregistered)
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So the WTF is that people agreed on hungarian notation and one Dev fixed the notation of another?

Or that one developer fixd other's code to his preferred notation?

thats at most a W not a WTF
Hungarian notation is always TRWTF.
Notation Polish Reverse Programmers Real Use.
FTFY. (Assuming that Real, Reverse and Polish were prefix operators and Use was an infix operator.)

Re: Mybad

2012-05-10 08:21 • by Captain troll (unregistered)
Here we go: now there is all this buzz around TFS, VSS, etc.
My (whathever thing) is holier than thou, but because...
because what? where is the "argument"?
Oh here it is: it is because <emphatic>I</emphatic> know that.
What a bunch of weaklings you are.
And come on, feed me. I'm hungry.
Captcha: genitus

Re: Mybad

2012-05-10 20:31 • by WTF (unregistered)
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[quote user="Nagesh"][quote user="XXXXX"][quote user="dkf"]
I agree that C is not strongly typed. I always declare everything as byte arrays and cast on the fly when I absolutely have to.[/quote]

Apart from that, C is of pratical use 0, since invention of java.[/quote]

Java adds nothing to the programming world that C++ didn't already provide.
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