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Once word hit that certain departments within South England Financial were going to be outsourced, employees naturally started to get a bit nervious. Being a contractor — and therefore exempt from any kind of nice severance package — Jon Kipper was determined to find a new job before the axe fell. [expand full text]
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Always present three candidates:

2009-11-08 19:12 • by tired beaurocrat (unregistered)
The one you want, one with the wrong personality, and one completely unsuitable.

They can't hire the second one, and the third one proves that you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-11-09 22:42 • by Marcwolf (unregistered)
Reminds me of when I was at a recruiting agency looking for work. The recruiter who was trying to put me in an IT positions asked
"What is this squelch on your resume"
"Squelch?" I asked.
After looking I saw she was reading the term "SQL"

Needless to say I grabbed my resume and fled the building lest they try and place me somewhere. I could imagine some of the positions they would try and put me to..

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-11-09 22:48 • by Marcwolf (unregistered)
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I am a computer programmer and was once offered a job as an accountant
"After all - accountants use computers.. don't they?"

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-11-11 11:37 • by Robert (unregistered)
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Wow, some people are really that slow.

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-11-28 01:00 • by Roberto (unregistered)
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To all those who send in a PDF resume ... why?

Because Word can't render Latex documents.

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-12-04 07:36 • by TrXtR (unregistered)
Interisting reading this...

Previously looking for a new position, I contacted a rather large and well known recruitment agency. I sent in my CV, and they asked me to come in for an interview with them.

That's the first thing that got me worried. I knew they had no clue about what I'm doing and that it's a waste of my time to go see them and tell them things they wont hear, remember or listen to.

The first thing I told them in the interview is that I dont like them at all, my experience has been that they will lie and say anything they can to get me to sign a contract.
They re-assured me, and listened to what I was looking for in a job.

They contacted me about a position, I went for an interview, perfect company, everything great, but it's too far to travel. So at first I decide against the position and convinced to think about it over the weakend.

The monday comes, and after consulting with my better half we decide to take the job. Agent tells me it's all good on employers side, and I must just resign. I resign... future employer phones and says no, it's not fine, he needed me that friday, and he needed me 15 days earlier. He cant give me the job. Agent tells me, I had to tell you to resign to make sure I get the contract.

Ok, all good. They find me a new job. "Just go in, make them smile and you'll have the job". I was told that this was for the same exact position I was going to take previously, just that the other company lost the contract.

Knowing well what the position was, the interview was 5 minutes long, everyone happy.

1st Day on the job, I realize that it's not at all the position that I was going to receive at the previous company. It was a Lie... just to get me to sign the contract. And well, they missed the mark... biig time...

So here we are...

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-12-14 11:27 • by Quirkafleeg (unregistered)
293329 in reply to 289694
Bluffer McCoy:
Sounds like a case of libel to me. Make up your train ticket that way.
If anything, it's the exact opposite of libel.
Anti-libel? That reminds me of anti-crime, you know, proffering-with-embarassment and suchlike.

Re: The Shoe-In

2009-12-14 11:29 • by Quirkafleeg (unregistered)
293330 in reply to 289674
Any time I've submitted a CV as PDF to a recruiter it's been sent back with an angry note that I should submit something "compatible with Microsoft Word" because "not every client is using a MAC."
Their computers have Ethernet interfaces or wireless networking, right? Then they're all using MACs…


Re: The Shoe-In

2009-12-14 11:48 • by Quirkafleeg (unregistered)
293332 in reply to 289780
"If anything, it's the exact opposite of libel."

Yeah, it's lebil.
ledil, Shirley

Re: The Shoe-In

2010-01-12 16:54 • by Big Me (unregistered)
None of this surprises me - employment agencies are, by and large, parasitic liars. Hope he eventually got something..

Re: The Shoe-In

2010-08-06 09:29 • by Stevie D (unregistered)
TRWTF is the thought that anyone in England could refer to a CV as a "resumé" without barfing all over the floor ... please, let's pay attention here.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) - What people in England write when applying for jobs
Résumé - What people in the Untied States write when applying for jobs
Resumé - A linguistic bastardisation that should be shot.

Re: The Shoe-In

2012-12-17 13:13 • by jeff (unregistered)
Good grief, recruiters... those who can't do, recruit. Those who can't recruit, hire recruiters. I'm often stricken by their similarity to barnacles in that they require a parasitic connection to a more capable organism simply to move around, they are innumerable, and they serve no obvious purpose. In that last item, barnacles are actually probably more useful than recruiters as they likely serve some minute purpose... recruiters clearly serve none. I get about twenty or so emails and/or voicemails from recruiters daily if I leave my resume online, and many of them have clearly not read/understood my skill set. Some get my name wrong, and one even seemed to think I was a recruiter myself and was asking me to forward an opportunity to my developer clients-- I don't think it gets any closer to anti-purpose than meta-recruiting (except in government, where anti-purpose is the norm and purpose threatens an explosion)

If I were the shoo-in candidate here I think I would have had more than a few choice words for the second recruiter who essentially called him a loser, and then I'd be forwarding the recruiting company's name to the bank and everywhere else I could reach as a fraudulent organization

Re: The Shoe-In

2013-08-01 10:20 • by Isikyus (unregistered)
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The "English way", being, of course, the way it is spelt by the English?
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