If there's one thing The Internet doesn't have enough of, it's Web Comics. Really, it's almost impossible to find a web-comic these days.

So, to help fill the void, I'm very excited to announce Mandatory Fun Day, a brand-new web comic about software, technology, and life as a corporate code monkey. Of course, since my artistic skills are below that of even stick figures, I've enlisted the help of fellow techie George E. McDougall. You may have seen his work before; he did the Codethulhu illustration.

I should also note that this is a trial run of MFD; so far, only twenty-five episodes are planned, and they will run M-W-F. If you come to like the comic after a couple weeks, then please let me know. And if you hate it... don't worry, the regular content will be here, too. That said, allow me to turn it over to Cobol Bill for the real introduction to the comic...

The first "real" Mandatory Fun Day will be posted a bit later today, as well as your regularly scheduled WTF.

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