"Just my luck," Q.M. writes, "I picked all 32's."


"Bummer," Matt wrote, "I was trying to scan a document, but sadly the twain software was corrupt."


"I saw this on a recent ski trip to Big Bear, CA," Matthew Parsons wrote, "apparently it was going to be a little warm that night."


"I love my Sam Adams as much as the next guy," writes Jason Draper, "but it's just not that good."


"There were no events within 10 miles of my area, so it asked me if I wanted to search 20 miles," wrote Kevin Conroy, "then it asked me to expand to 40 miles; and then 80. You can where it kept going. I finally got it up to 1759218604450000 miles with no results. Either they're having database problems, or there's nothing within 300 lightyears (or so)."



"I got this Really Bad error when I tried to use a certain microfiche scanner," notes Anthony T


"I saw this in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite release notes," wrote Kuba Ober, "obviously David Connely has been dealt with properly. His number came up."


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