... at least, that's what I'd imagine the programmer behind this snippet of code (sent in by now-GMailer Jose Torres) would say if you recommended using a FOR LOOP:

And if you look near the end, you can see the beginnings of a “Minutes” SELECT box. Of course, it goes on after that. Jose mentions that there are a minimum of five different SELECT boxes being filled like this. Heh.

You know, I can just picture the conversation Jose would have with this coder ...
Jose: You should really use a FOR LOOP over there.
Coder: A loop for whom?
Jose: No, no ... it's a type of loop.
Coder: Oh, so, it's a loop for me?
Jose: No, no ... I mean ... it's a loop that executes a block of code a fixed num--
Coder:  Ooh, I get it. I don't have one of those ... it's your loop? You misplaced it?
Jose: Err, I mean, instead of having to write out all those If-Then, you can use a loop to build the output.
Coder: I see. So ... If you're building output, Then I should write a loop for you? Uhh ..
Jose: No, the Loop is a programming construct, you put it in your code.
Coder: So I construct a code file? I already have it all in Code.bas ...
Jose: Argh -- no, actually, err ... never mind!
Coder: Will do.
Coder (mumbling to self): Pfft. Like that makes sense anyways ... make a loop out of my code file ... what an idiot!

Oh and yes, you did read correctly. Jose is the first recipient of the GMail invite. I've got three FIVE (thanks Google)  left. So it's not too late. Send in your WTF story! And if you have an invite to spare ... you could always donate it to The Daily WTF! Just let me know.

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