"I've signed up for online, 'All-Electronic' billing," Dave H writes, "and no matter what I do, they continue to send me monthly notifications in the mail telling me that my bill is now available online. "


Siuying writes, "I found a bug and thought I'd submit it to the vendor. After filling out a large registration form, it turns out that, apparently, I can't create myself."


"Guess what message came back when I clicked the button," Josh wrote, "I wonder how often they think, gee, what's up with all the duplicate tickets?"


"My good old Minolta SLR camera apparently needs help," Fredrik Stark wrote, "... but with what? It won't say. As soon as you turn the camera on it goes: HE LP. No error code, nothing. The poor thing!


"I drove past this sign and wondered to myself, is that really a good idea?" Fernando Gonzalez wrote, "the sign has since been changed to 'Lap Desks'."


"Quartus II sure has an interesting way of thanking you for using their software," Lea Verou noted.


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