Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers (and, now mini-buttons) to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small souvenir. More recently, I've been sending out the coveted TDWTF Mugs for truly awesome souvenirs. Nothing specific; per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (previous: Now with TDWTF Buttons).

Derek Glover (San Jose, CA) sent this incredible assortment of awesomeness.

The package inluded:

  • A 1GB iPod Shuffle - it's clearly not as stylish as a Zune, but the matchbook size is pretty fun
  • 1 GB Microdrive - one of my absolute favorite short-lived technologies
  • US Government TOP SECRET and UNCLASSIFIED stickers - best used in pairs on the same document
  • An Infrant (?) Chip - not sure what it is exactly, but it bears the numbers NSP IT1008-00A and 0337K2001
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Sticker - I think you're supposed to wear this as a badge
  • A M/F USB/PS2 and a F/M USB/PS2 Adapter - ideal for making a 2" extension cable
  • Fun Dip - a perfectly named candy

Thanks Derek, hope you enjoy the TDWTF stickers and mugs!


In addition to using a rather unique envelope, Cameron McCormick (Tequesta, FL) sent a printout of the Evolution of Programming Languages.


"I'm a professional chef in Napa Valley, and thought you might enoy some recipes at random," Luso Blue (Gustine, CA) writes, "and don't skip on the Remoulade Sauce... you'll be putting it on everything!"


Jim Rue (Laguna Beach, CA) sent a Gold Tooth and a Success Rice sticker. Though I cut my gums trying to affix the tooth cap, I'm digging that real "polished" look!

Although I cut my gums trying to affix the tooth cap, I'm digging that real "polished" look!


"Here's a postcard of the Castle Neuschwanstein, built by Bavaria's nutty king Ludwig II" Elmar Schraml (Munich, Germany) writes, "and an assortment of some pretty good teas."


Mark (Seattle, WA) a buzzword-filled corporate swag magnet.


"Back before Apple was the cool kind on the block," writes Jason Smith (San Antonio, TX), "they had something called Apple Demo Days. Apple zealots such as myself were hired (at $75 a day) to stand in the local computer stores (CompUSA, Circuit City, etc.) on a Saturday and sing the virtues of OSX (version 10.0). I was given CDs for installing OS X and 9, and a cheap, black, long0sleeved turtleneck t-shirt to wear. It was a pretty good job for a college kid despite the turtleneck. Anyway, here's my OS X CD, along with some other Macintosh software of similar vintage."


Gret (Clinton, KY) traded this sticker for some TDWTF Stickers.


Steven (Yorktown, VA) sent this NASA flier and bumper sticker.


I should note, too... if I missed something that you sent in, don't worry - I'll get it in the next one! I got a little behind on the Souvenir Potpourri. Also... don't forget to snail-mail in your own souvenirs for some TDWTF stickers or button. Ultra-awesome souvenirs (like, say, steak) could even get you a TDWTF mug.

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