One the criticisms and praises I often hear about Visual Basic (my language of choice) is that it makes things very easy to do. You'd be surprised, though: not all VB developers go the "easy" route to do simple tasks, such as copying files. I think most of us would use the FileCopy method. Or the FileSystemObject.CopyFile method. Or even come close the WTF-line by issuing a "copy" command with the Shell method. But for those really dedicated (such as a certain Angry DBA's colleague), they'll find yet another way of accomplishing what they need to do ...

Function CopyFile(ByVal Source As String, ByVal Destination As String) As Long
    Dim I As Long, ptr As Long
    Dim ByteArray() As Byte
    Dim buff1() As Byte, buff2() As Byte, buff3() As Byte
    'Private variables
    Dim cSourcefiles As Collection
    Dim cDestFiles As Collection
    m_bAllowUndo = DEFAULT_ALLOWUNDO
    m_bConfirmOperation = DEFAULT_CONFIRMOPERATION
    m_sCustomText = DEFAULT_CUSTOMTEXT
    m_bIncludeDirectories = DEFAULT_INCLUDEDIRECTORIES
    m_hParentWnd = DEFAULT_PARENTWND
    m_bSilentMode = DEFAULT_SILENTMODE
    Set cSourcefiles = New Collection
    Set cDestFiles = New Collection
    cSourcefiles.Add Source
    cDestFiles.Add Destination
    'Parent window of dialog box--just use 0
    shfo.hwnd = m_hParentWnd
    'Operation to perform
    shfo.wFunc = FO_COPY
    'Operation flags
    shfo.fFlags = 0
    If m_bAllowUndo Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_ALLOWUNDO
    End If
    If m_bSilentMode Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_SILENT
    End If
    If m_bRenameOnCollision Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_RENAMEONCOLLISION
    End If
    If Not m_bConfirmOperation Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_NOCONFIRMATION
    End If
    If Not m_bConfirmMakeDir Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_NOCONFIRMMKDIR
    End If
    If Not m_bIncludeDirectories Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_FILESONLY
    End If
    If Len(m_sCustomText) > 0 Then
        shfo.lpszProgressTitle = m_sCustomText
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS
    End If
    'Build 'From' string
    If cSourcefiles.Count = 0 Then
        Err.Raise vbObjectError + 1000, , "No source files specified file operation"
    End If
    For I = 1 To cSourcefiles.Count
        shfo.pFrom = shfo.pFrom & cSourcefiles(I) & Chr$(0)
    Next I
    'Build 'To' string
    For I = 1 To cDestFiles.Count
        shfo.pTo = shfo.pTo & cDestFiles(I) & Chr$(0)
    Next I
    'Test if more than one destination files
    If cDestFiles.Count > 1 Then
        shfo.fFlags = shfo.fFlags Or FOF_MULTIDESTFILES
    End If
    'Note: Windows packs the SHFILEOPSTRUCT structure but
    '32-bit Visual Basic does not. Therefore, all members
    'following the two-byte fFlags member are offset by
    '2 bytes. To deal with this, we copy structure members
    'to a byte array with the proper alignment and pass
    'the byte array to SHFileOperation.
    ReDim ByteArray(LenB(shfo) - 2)
    CopyMemory ByteArray(0), shfo.hwnd, Len(shfo.hwnd)
    CopyMemory ByteArray(4), shfo.wFunc, Len(shfo.wFunc)
    'Variable-length strings require extra work
    buff1 = StrConv(shfo.pFrom & Chr$(0), vbFromUnicode)
    ptr = VarPtr(buff1(0))
    CopyMemory ByteArray(8), ptr, LenB(ptr)
    buff2 = StrConv(shfo.pTo & Chr$(0), vbFromUnicode)
    ptr = VarPtr(buff2(0))
    CopyMemory ByteArray(12), ptr, LenB(ptr)
    CopyMemory ByteArray(16), shfo.fFlags, Len(shfo.fFlags)
    CopyMemory ByteArray(18), shfo.fAnyOperationsAborted, Len(shfo.fAnyOperationsAborted)
    CopyMemory ByteArray(22), shfo.hNameMappings, Len(shfo.hNameMappings)
    buff3 = StrConv(shfo.lpszProgressTitle & Chr$(0), vbFromUnicode)
    ptr = VarPtr(buff3(0))
    CopyMemory ByteArray(26), ptr, LenB(ptr)
    'Call SHFileOperation
    I = SHFileOperation(ByteArray(0))
    'Retrieve fAnyOperationsAborted flag
    CopyMemory shfo.fAnyOperationsAborted, ByteArray(18), Len(shfo.fAnyOperationsAborted)
    'Return True if SHFileOperation succeeded and no operations aborted
    CopyFile = Not CBool(I Or shfo.fAnyOperationsAborted)
    Set cSourcefiles = Nothing
    Set cDestFiles = Nothing
End Function

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