I've been programming for quite a long time - since I was about twelve or so. Of course no one in there right mind would hire a seventeen year-old programmer (even one with five years experience), so I got a job as a PC support technician. And like many other technician-wanna-be-developers, I absolutely hated it. But in retrospect, I did get some pretty fun stories out of it. Although none as entertaining as this one, from Brent Railey's Technician Support days:

We sold a computer to an elderly lady who took it home. We had tested it, and it worked great at the store. But, when she got it home, she could not get it to turn on. I work on the phone with her for an hour.

"Is everything plugged into the power strip, maam?"
"Yes, everything is."

So, I was sent to her home. Sure enough, everything was plugged into the power strip ... including the power strip.

So there you have it. For the aspiring developers out there, your day will come. In the mean time, send in your WTF Moments. They're real fun for us former-technician developers.

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