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"My boss showed me his new AARP card," R Handorf wrote, "I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed that he started wearing bifocals."


Seth Jeacopello notes, "the bank down the street has been having some issues getting the temperature to output correctly on their marquee."


"Well," Martin Cowen writes, "I guess that's a surefire way to ensure food safety."


"I really just want to print," noted Jared Youtsey, "but I can't seem to figure out whether feature 1 or option 2 is causing the problem."


"I received this flyer from Sears advertising a maintenance contract on a dishwasher," Warren Brown writes, "somehow, the numbers didn't quite add up to be 'savings'."


"Another apparent misuse of Excel," writes Bart, "T-Mobile seems to be treating my address as a date/time field."


"Facebook gave me this while trying to remove a phone from Facebook mobile," writes Lucas Wagner, "I have no idea what the second button is supposed to do."


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