Tsk, tsk. After all the requests to plz email me teh codez, and the Daily WTF community's failure to recognize student initiative, "MonkeyCode" posted a similar story in the sidebar...

We're looking for some new developers on our team here at our online travel reservation startup. London being London at the moment, it's proving hard to get good quality candidates to actually show up for an interview. Little did we know how bad the quality can be at times.

We have a coding test that we give to potential hires. Not terribly hard, it's just a simple string manipulation exercise: Given a string, find all occurences of a substring without using any in built string functions. Obviously you'd never do this in real life, but your run of the mill Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours developer could probably give it a shot and fool us.

It does however, weed out a suprisingly large number of people — either their code doesn't compile, it doesn't work, or somtimes they just don't read the instructions and submit finger paintings instead.

The other day, a "friend" of one of our workmates pointed out the question had been posted to the MSDN forums.

This is technically not a WTF — posting to forums can be a valuable source of information. Proving how clueless you are in a public forums, however, is.

There are a couple of classic responses in there, none really good enough for our potential hire, so he had a follow up post the next day asking for more help on the problem.

Being the masochists that we are, we couldn't help but look up some of our potential hire's other questions and found this beauty:

So many WTFs, so little time!

Plz post teh codes in the comments.

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