"When I first found this custom 'enum'," writes Garrett Hopp," I had assumed that my predecessor had re-implemented the DayOfWeek Enumeration. I suppose that wouldn't be that big of a WTF as discovering the built-in DayOfWeek does involve using a search engine... which many developers seem to struggle with."

"But upon closer inspection, I realized it's a bit more than that, and is a really clever way to write (int) DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek. After all, that'd just be lazy."

using System;
using System.Collections; // for Hashtable

namespace DayOfWeekEnum
    /// <summary>
    /// This class contains utilities commonly used in DRX and OBL
    /// </summary>
    public class getDayOfWeekEnum
        public getDayOfWeekEnum()

        public static string getDayEnum()
            // HashTable for to get 0-6 from Sunday-Saturday
            Hashtable dayOfWeek = new Hashtable();
            dayOfWeek.Add("Sunday", "0");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Monday", "1");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Tuesday", "2");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Wednesday", "3");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Thursday", "4");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Friday", "5");
            dayOfWeek.Add("Saturday", "6");

            DateTime today = DateTime.Now;
            string dayOfWeekStr = String.Format("{0}", today.DayOfWeek);
            string dayEnum = dayOfWeek[dayOfWeekStr].ToString();

            return dayEnum;
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