"While checking my Discover Card balance, I was struck by the fact that I must have missed something in math class," writes Bill T, "either that, or this is an example of the hidden fees credit card companies are adding to accounts."


Steve Monson wonders, "how exactly do I search for this file name?"


"So," Andy asks "how much am I allowed to withdraw?"


"Thankfully," Aaron writes, "I know how to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill processes."


"I got the following when installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010," notes Philipp Schugerl, "so where exactly does it want me to put the files?"


"I saw this card reader in a local Tesco store," writes Tom Grace, "it seems the display has decided to flip on the character level."


"Sorry ImgBurn," Eric Bott wrote, "I shouldn't have so hastily clicked Cancel again."


"I'm not exactly sure what my bank's survey is trying to determine, "Lee Hasiuk writes, "yes, I would accept a free service, but no I wouldn't pay $0.00, since that's not exactly possible."



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