We've got two different representative lines from two entirely different systems.

The first is from Clay, who writes (via the Submit to WTF Visual Studio Add-in), "my coworker is a firm believer in highly-configurable systems and highly-descriptive property names. End result: a highly-obnoxious development pattern."

public bool SettingStorePriceChangesStoreProductPriceAndUpdatesProductPriceAndUpdatesProductModifiedTimestampButDoesNotModifyAProductThatHasNonDefaultPricingAlready 

Clay continues, "someone should write a plug-in that limits method names to a sane amount of characters."


"I was digging around some production code, trying to figure out why messages were being corrupted," writes Chris, "I eventually found the cause."

int length = data.GetRange(0, 3).ToArray().Length;

"This was supposed to convert a three-character ASCII string to an integer. Perhaps the original author only tested it with messages three-bytes wide."

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