LRY shares this informative caption from the July 6th edition of The San Francisco Chronicle.


"We've all heard of the housing crisis," noted Scott Kovatch, "but this is just getting ridiculous."


"Tommy used to be the VP of IT here at my company," Z Smith wrote, "He was a self taught 'genius' who could code the hell out of some C++, or so I'm told. He 'was exited' a few months before I started here, but I keep finding things like this popping up...


Sebastian F. wrote, "hope you have no emergency nearby..."


"When installing the drivers for a new printer," Fiach, "this program was installed with it. I guess the marketing department at HP must have thought long and hard before picking that catchy name, This is a very very very very long name for an HP product.


Joe Peacock sent this shot from the Slingbox FAQ.


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