Chris M. was requesting a quote for motorcycle insurance when he noticed something strange about the site's birthdate selector.

The stricken-through December 25 does nothing when clicked and is not selectable. The other dates work fine. So if you were born on Jesus's birthday, you'll have to go elsewhere to get motorcycle insurance. By extension, this company flat-out refuses to give Jesus an insurance quote. That would be the raddest bad publicity for a company to get ever.

Abner ponders the age-old question; how many Rules could a Child Rule Child if a Child Rule could Child Rules?

Mikael S. sent this next one in. It addresses one of the problems with code comments — they can only be seen in code! If you expose them in the front end, the users can appreciate them, too.

For the past few days, I've done error'd a little more like Pop-up Potpourri used to be and want to know what you guys think. Do you prefer the old one-post-daily format, or the new three-screenshots-per-post-on-Monday,-Wednesday,-and-Friday format?

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