When one pays a consultant $150/hour for his services, he expects a few things: a complete and thorough Expertise of the subject matter, utmost Professionalism throughout the business relationship, and top-notch Quality in all aspects of work performed. Usually, the highly-paid consultants featured here manage to strike out on one or two of these qualities; Jesper Angelo's company managed to find an outsourcing partner that's 0 for 3 ...

Jesper: Okay, we run everything here on LAMP.

Consultant: LAMP?

Jesper: Ehh... Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP...

Consultant: I've heard about Linux... and Apache

Jesper: Do you know ANYTHING about Debian Linux and PHP?

Consultant: I know a very little bit about Debian, but that’s mostly Red Hat

Jesper: So you know anything about PHP?!

Consultant: No, I'm here because no one else wanted to come. I'm usually with the Solaris Team.

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