"When writing validation scripts, it's easy to forget that some fields (company name, for example) might actually need a mix of letters and numbers," Laurie Denness writes, "you'd think some companies would be better at remembering that than others."


"I caught this message before seeing Watchmen at IMAX," Marcus writes, "not sure how it's VM is low, considering that the computer probably doesn't do much beyond showing these slides.


"HP wanted us to complete a HDD diagnostic before they would accept a warranty repair," Jason V writes, "unfortunately, the test completed successfully. Very, very successfully."


"Thanks for asking, Google. I think I'd prefer to keep my usage data private," comments Kirsten, "hey, wait a minute!"


"I sure hope HP has a ??263415 position open," Rafał writes, "I've been ??263498 for years!"


"I logged on to make my last car payment and was shocked," James R. Rummel writes, "I mean really! It just burns me up to see the Western Union fee drive the total up past a billion. One penny less, fine. I'll pay. But once you cross that magic line, then it really hits home!"


"I saw this while taking a survey," C Felish writes, "it seemed a little odd that they expected the developer to know what I was going to punch. I guess they just hold their developers to a higher standard!"


"I got this message while installing new drivers for my Anysee DVB receiver," Jeffrey writes. "My neighbor wasn't too thrilled, however, when I told him I needed to reboot his computer to complete installation."


"I wanted to check out Yahoo Pipes, so I tried to sign up for a Yahoo account," Roy Smeding writes, "I didn't get very far, since I accidently signed on as myself but I should have signed on as myself."


"I certainly can't find fault with the accuracy of the marketing message," Andrew F writes, "but I do doubt the effectiveness of the advertising model."


This last one isn't technically an Error'd, but Andrew F included it with his submission and I thought it was pretty fun. He wrote "I found a coupon that added a Free mini-TV to my Office Depot order. After receiving the TV, I quickly realized that it was most likely made free in an attempt to outsource the process of throwing them away in disgust. Suffice it to say, the mini-TV never worked at all, but the manual is an exercise in awesome translation errors. All pages contain grammatical errors, but some are tantamount to acts of war against the English language. Enjoy!"

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