It's time for yet another fun user / tech support story from Jason Mauss. Interestingly enough, Jason provided another tech-support as material for the second post here. So for all those directly dealing with the end user, this is for you ...

My company, (Knowledge Relay) has a data visualization tool we call "EVS" (Enterprise Visualization Suite). One of the features is a "feedback" feature that allows the users to send us feedback on the product via a simple little web form. To access to the feedback form, the user had to click on the "Help" menu, then go to the "Feedback" item under Help:

So just the other day, I got an email generated from the feedback form, which must have been filled out like this:

The two items above "Feedback" on the Help menu are "EVS Help" and "Tutorial" - BOTH OF WHICH - are full of help and information on using the product. We spent quite a bit of time developing extensive web-based help files and a training tutorial that spans hundreds of pages. When the user was looking for a training manual, their mouse cursor was literally only pixels away from both an "EVS Help" and "Tutorial" menu item, but instead they chose "Feedback" to ask me where it was.

Perhaps they were looking for help on where the Caps Lock key is located.

And as I said way back when, variety is good. So, if you've got something that veers off the normal topic of bad coding, send it on in and if I post it, I'll send you a mug or tee. Remeber, we're mostly all developers of some sort here, so something you think other developers would enjoy. Thanks!

UPDATE: Fixed images.

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