Regardless of what Alanis Morissette may tell you, irony isn't like ra-i-aiiiiin on your wedding day. It's more like someone making an offhanded remark to reassure you, but rather making you feel worse.

An anonymous submitter (we'll call him "Cody") had recently taken over a large internal application with a substantial userbase. With guarded optimism, he was excited to get to know the users and to learn and improve the application. Cody was eager to see the code and the database.

While Cody was getting his feet wet in the system, an email came in from one of the superusers. Evidently, some users were experiencing problems with the session timeout.

Could you please change the system's session timeout to a few hours? I've got a number of complaints where people have to login over and over again.

It's not a security issue here, because we all share the same password.

(name removed)

See, that's irony.

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