"I got this error while trying to run Portal 2," Sangwhan Moon writes, "I'd be glad to have a chat with these folks, but I'm not sure where I can catch them."


"The attached label was found on some cookies I purchased from our office vending machine," Jason wrote, "they were tasty... guess a little bit of Error'd goes a long way?"


"I was reinstalling XP on an old Dell laptop and got this message," Sam wrote, "my first thought was Oh really?"


"I came across this while filling out a feedback form," Craig wrote, "Ironically, on a previous page, I left a comment how there seems to be a lack of attention to detail. Though, I'd sure like to work at one of those companies that has a Miss April there! I was tempted to select Miss April, but with Miss September just nearby..."


"Ugh," writes Simon, "those pesky internal internets."


Brittany was impressed with this honest Caller ID, though not enough to pick up the phone.


"I spotted this in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto," notes Matthew A.


"I found a stray item at the mega-mart and wondered what it cost, so I headed to one of those price verifier stations," wrote Will, "this was on the screen. My favorite part is that there is a promotional offer currently running on this item."


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