"This coupon increased the chances of me trading in my car by about 0.79%," Josh notes.


"The rent looks okay to me," Stephan Rose writes, "but I'd be a bit unsure about being able to do the deposit."


"I know manufactures and consumers are demanding more out of today's batteries," Frank writes, "but this seems a little extreme."


"I received this on a birthday card," Ralph Nevins wrote, "I wonder how many tests they run?"


"I saw this on Amazon," wrote Ed Burnette, "but what if I want the Paperback edition?


"Apparently my last name is not appropriate," Andrew Young wrote, "the completely fake address I put is just fine though."


"I'm glad to know an error couldn't have happened," writes Ben Wyatt, "otherwise, I might think there was a reason I couldn't print that document."


"Such a deal," Angus Scott-Fleming said, "Pay $12/yr for 1 year, or $20/yr for 2 years, or $28/yr for three!"


"I don't know if checking the box puts DHS onto me," noted George, "but I figured that life's short enough as it is. I'd rather not influence the purchase of malware as much as its donation."


"The BBC website recently ran a report on children with weird names," Edd comments, "but I didn't expect them to actually employ one of the story's protagonists."


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