"From the geniuses who brought you the mall floor ad campaign," Ian wrote, "the mall floor force close!


"I was scheduling a meeting with Elluminate Live and saw this option," Jamie, "I really wanted to click it."


"This is what showed up when I connected my 'HTC Touch with Windows Mobile' to my computer," writes Nelson.


"I especially like the fifth product feature," wrote Ben C..


"After considering whether to add new services to my cell phone plan, I decided that $120,000+ a year was too much," Chris Yancey writes, "I guess those +$0.00 subtotatals can really add up."


"At least it didn't go into an infinite loop," Barry E noted, "perhaps due to the lack of attention?


"This was found in the Rosewill documentation for a USB Wi-Fi adapter," John P wrote, "So, let me get this straight: I should see an error, which will indicate it is working correctly? By failing, we succeed? Or do we succeed by succeeding in failing? Perhaps it's just a workaround for a bug they couldn't track down..."


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