Ivan Montilla writes, "those of you who use Facebook have probably seen spam like Check who visited your profile and the like. It's almost always either a scam of some sort or a ruse to get you to download some malware."

"Recently, I came across a friend who had proudly become a fan of Check who visited your profile, 100% Working. And then another friend. And another. Wondering if it was a new type of mischievous worm, I disabled all scripting and viewed the profile. The first thing I noticed was that it prompted you to download a .vbscript file, which definitely wasn't a good sign. I opened it with Notepad to find this:"

Msgbox (" Installing... ")
Msgbox (" Recognizing Facebook. ")
Msgbox (" Please restart yer facebook. ")
Msgbox (" Wait 30 secs and press ok. ")
Msgbox (" Restarted ur facebook! with successfulness. ")
Msgbox (" Application installed. ")
Msgbox (" Within 24 hours you will know who visited ur profile. ")
Msgbox (" Do all the steps so the apps. work ")

"Moments later, another friend fan'd the page," Ivan added, "I guess it served its purpose."

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