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Like many large organizations, the University of Initrode-Extension has a LAN Form. This all-encompassing form is responsible for authorizing everything from creating a new user to moving a network connection.

"Do you want Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine?" the original poster rhetorically asked. "Fill out a LAN Form. Need your machine moved five feet down? Fill out a LAN Form. Need a new drive share? You get the idea."

To make everyone's lives easier, the Infosys Department has made the LAN Form easy to find. It's conveniently posted "electronically" as a PNG image on the FAQ page. All one has to do is download it, print it, and fax it in.

(scaled down, full-size here)


In case the red-squiggly underlines didn't make it obvious, the LAN Form is, in fact, a PrintScreen of Microsoft Word. Apparently, the only thing missing is the wooden table.

"citking" added...

The LAN Form is not only used for IBM Compatible and MacIntosh [sic] computers, but it can be used for printers as well. Even that little jack in the wall is ruled supremely by the LAN Form. If the LAN Form does not say the jack is on, the jack is not on.

The LAN Forms are retained on file for up to 5 years, just in case an issue is ever raised in regards to support.

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