"Apparently," James noted, "my standard license doesn't include need have have."


"The City of Boston takes their cyber safety very seriously," writes Jared Fraser.


"I would argue that this isn't a exactly a valid question," writes Jonathan.


"I spotted this at my local Toys R Us," notes AJ, "surprisingly, these weren't flying off the shelf as a result of the amazing deal."


"The former tenant must have not paid his phone bill," writes Lincoln Ramsay, "after six months of writing 'does not live here, return to sender' on the bills, we got fed up and called Telstra. The woman on the phone assured us she would mark his account so that we didn't get any more bills. Somehow, I don't think she managed to do it properly."


"Sure, I'll quit setup," David writes, "err... maybe I'll not. Wait. What am I supposed to do?"


"I tried to use packaged software to format a new external harddrive," wrote Cillian, "this error message was exceedingly helpful."


Russell Hodges writes, "I think I'd prefer the 'before' price, please!"


"I was trying to integrate with Sphere and was sent a link to this documentation," noted Nate Forman, "it's the usual 'makes perfect sense if you already know how to use the API' type of documentation. When I saw a FAQ link I thought, great, other people asked questions and got answers. Um... nevermind."


"I woke up one morning to see this," Phillip Jäger writes, "thankfully, it was only 6:00AM and I did not oversleep."


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