"I took this with my cell phone at the gas station," T. Bare writes, "I think there's something wrong with their rounding... unless there invented a new increment of the dollar that I'm unaware of."


"I encountered the following while installing Mobile Master," Marjin wrote, "I actually do not have a Nokia Phone."


Aryel Tupinambá writes, "they also sold 'criminal records' and 'head trauma', but they had special pricing on 'wrongful deaths'."


Jason Makstein snapped this Windows Media error in Washington, DC next to the Gallery Place in Chinatown.


"For a change, I thought I'd take the time and fill in a site satisfaction survey," Chisel Wright wrote, "it's a shame they didn't ask me how satisfied I was with the survey itself."


Aparently unafraid of a stationary rationing, Mark Miller's coworker has devised a unique "away" system...


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