"The WTF Sticker just arrived and I put it on my car," wrote Chris Olsen. "Hopefully, I am the only German owning that sticker!" Sorry Chris, you are not alone. Germany, go ahead and send in some more install pics!


Ates G demonstrates a rare v1.0 sticker on his laptop...


Here's a perfect example of how not to use your WTF sticker: removing the "TheDailyWTF.com" tagline. Sorry Eric, but this is an unlicensed usage, which means you'll have to send back the sticker, and any attached surface(s).


Nick informed me that he installed the sticker with no issues, and that it seems to work fine on Fedora 8. That's good news, since Fedora 8 is an untested and unsupported platform.


"I could successfully install WTF sticker #01 of 10 (decimal, not binary)," wrote in Simon Paridon. "The photo also features my coal-fired power station (made out of cardboard, far from finished), my Rubik's Cube, Tabaluga riding a wooden plane, a sprite can, a plastic sprite bottle, a Mountain Dew can (a souvenir from my trip to the USA), some German books I must have read once, my collection of Neon Genesis Evangelion manga and - last but not least - my wooden cupboard (though not a wooden table, but still quite neat)."


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