"I found this in my local newspaper," wrote Tomas Olander, "and no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find the Utilities menu."


"This popped up during the installation of Iron Mountain Connected PC Backup Agent,"Yarema wrote, "I couldn't find a process named applicationName to check."


Jan-Helge Bergesen sent in this Lotus Notes error that I'm pretty sure I've posted before... but is too fun not to share again.


"This was an alert on my Equifax credit monitoring service," Tom Morris notes, "it's a little hard to see how an increase from $0 to $221 is only a 25% increase!"


"As seen on Netflix," Doug wrote, "Hey! Like screwball comedy? You'll love Nazi torturers... and Michael Jackson!"


"Nelnet sure uses some strange formats," writes Daniel, "I guess the date must be a stardate?"


"So that's where I saved the internet," commented Chris.


"While responding to an offer for a white paper I was asked to answer a few questions in order to receive it," writes K Bay, "but I really didn't want anyone to call me, so I felt between a rock and hard place when I didn't confirm my authorization to have someone call but wasn't allowed to submit my request."


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