Galmeida was reviewing the deliverables from their offshore outsourcing partner and noticed a very strange pattern throughout the code. I usually able to come up with some stretch of an explanation for why a programmer did what he did, but I'm a total loss this time .... any ideas?

public class DocumentBO {

   * Returns the class instance
   * @return DocumentBO the class instance
  public DocumentBO getSelf() {
    return this;

  //ED: Snip
  public void forwardDocumentCopy() throws DocumentException {

    if (this.getSelf().getUser() != null) {
        responsible = this.getSelf().getUser().getUsername();

this.getSelf().getConstants().getForwardHeader + this.getSelf().getDescription()); compositeDocument.setSubject(
this.getConstants().getForwardSubject + this.getSubject()); //ED: Snip } //ED: Snip } public class TaskList { /** * Adds a Document to TaskList * @param DocumentBO */ public void addNonPersistentDocumentBO(DocumentBO doc) { Documents.add(doc.getSelf()); } //ED: Snip }

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