The idea behind “information hiding” – i.e. encapsulating certain methods and properties to users of a class – is a fair idea in theory, but in practice, it’s just too slow. Think about it. If a “public” method just ends up calling some “private” method, that’s just a waste of a call. And if a lot of calls are made to that public method, then that’s a whole lot of wasted calls!

Vlad’s predecessor knew this fact well when he was designing “safety critical” functions for his company’s ------ application. Instead of wasting precious CPU time on “information hiding”, he put in a simple request to users of his class…

 *                                UNCLASSIFIED                               *
 *                      CONTAINS SAFETY CRITICAL FUNCTIONS                   *
                         ------, Copyright ------
   1.0    Identification
   2.0    Version Control History
          See below.
   3.0    Description
   4.0    Assumptions And Constraints
          This class has all its fields public so you can access them
          directly for fast performance.  But do not modify them when
          accessing them - in order to modify the -----, use the
          methods provided.  This ensures the internal inde-es are updated

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