"My girlfriend offered to sew me curtains for my house," Scott wrote, "I've never sewn before, but I didn't think calculus and electrical resistance would be involved."


"I feel very safe knowing that Rite Aid not only values my privacy, but also their stores' privacy," notes Robert. "I can only immagine what would happen if Rite Aid were to just tell people their address or phone number.


"Good idea," comments Adam Koch, "I think I'll click Continue Anyway. Hey! Wait a sec..."


"I was camping in Maine and ordered up a bag of firewood," Dan wrote, "shouldn't they provide some more information if that's the net weight?"


"Things are not looking very good if you are an employee in Georgia," notes Darin, "I hope the 6% who do have a job can foot the bill for the rest of us."


Chuck wrote, "guess I am I am going to wait a while for EZPass Service."


"It took me a moment to realize that I should have bought this indivually," notes David Daniel.


"I'm ready to obey," wrote David Aronchick, "I want to obey. Help me, help you!"


"A while back, I started a Sudoku puzzle on my laptop and then promptly gave up and forgot about it," writes José Alejandro Carrillo Neira, "I got bored one day and decided to finish it. Gee, how time flies when you're not solving Sodoku."


"I received this email recently," Scott Bauer, "I guess it was kinda interesting to know all that."


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