"The Chef's Choice soup on Friday seemed to be something to avoid," notes Fred M.


"No wonder my hard disk is failing," writes Peter, "my disk temperature is 846 degrees C. I guess that also explains why my heatsinks have been melting."


"Most people despise the in-text type of ads," writes Jamie M, "personally, I appreciate finding out that a group of us can get a discount on... ermm... Huma Abedin?"


Dave C found this at a Staples at San Diego, CA.


"Our electric provider has a fun device that calculates your electric bill in real time and alerts you if your usage will cause an overage," Ashish K writes, "It was especially helpful this month, as my interdimensional wormhole generator can be a bit of a power hog."


Adam writes, "I wonder if the zeroes are significant?"


"This error wasn't particularly helpful," notes Ivan B, "but with the number of exclamation points, I think it's important. At least it wasn't in all caps."


"It got warm in the midwest recently," Jeff Hollandsworth writes, "except Detroit it would seem."


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