Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small Souvenir. Nothing specific, per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything!

In addition to a map of the Madrid Metro, Adrian (from Spain) sent a 5-Peseta coin, and ¢10, ¢5, ¢2, ¢1 Euro coins. Seriously Europe, you really need a ¢2 coin?


Jan S (from Groitzsch, Germany) sent “unused, authentic punchcards from the GDR (German Democratic Republic, former East Germany).”


Tero R (Finland) sent in an incredibly awesome assortment of Finnish candy. Except for the salmiakki ("salty liquorice"), which folks around the office here described as "absolutely ridiculously awful," "like chewy cigarette butts," "a vomitorial nightmare,"and "eh, not too bad." Seriously Finland, how can you eat that stuff?


"I was going to send you a red Swingline stapler," wrote Isaac G. (River Falls, WI), "but it wouldn't fit in the envelope, so I am including a red paperclip instead."


"TKO-aly is the student organization for CS-students at Helsinki University," Ninko U (Helsinki Finland) wrote, "also, here is a strip from 'The Cursing Hedgehog'. A freeform translation from Finnish: The hell!! I just don't get why I'm hanging with a jerk like you!! / Yeah, that's right. Why? Find someone nicer! / Well because I f****ng love you!!" Must be a Finnish thing, because I don't f****ng get it, but at least it's not as bad as salmiakki.


Michael F (Cleveland, OH) enclosed everything I'd ever need to get out of any difficult situation: a paperclip, a rubber-band, a bandage, and a folded up advertisement. Someone else mailed in Richard Dean Anderson ("MacGyver") a while back.


Ben (Bristol, UK) traded up BBC/Bristol stickers for WTF stickers. I think Ben made out a little better on his side of the deal.


Yannis L (London, UK) sent in a fun little roll-backwards-and-then-watch-spring-forward double-decker bus toy. Notice the key-ring clip on it. Seriously Britan, do you think people will actually put this on their keyring?


Gabriel H (Vernouillet, France) sent a company-branded lanyard and a ¢10 Euro coin.


I have no idea who sent this in, or even if it's supposed to be a jar opener or a rubber Frisbee. The real fun, though, was visiting the advertised site.


Among other things, Daniel R (Parkes, Australia) enclosed a Telephone Disinfecting Sachet from the TCA (that's Telephone Cleansing Australia). It's "specially formulated" with "70% isopropyl alcohol... to kill germs and leave your telephone clean and hygienic, protecting your family's health." Just to let you know, Australia, regular 70% Isopropyl Alcohol will do this, too. Actually, you're probably best off if you don't lick the phones in the first place.


Andrew C (Paisley, Scotland) sent in some real souvenirs. Really, it says so on the package!


With my Swedish reading comprehension ranking at a solid 0%, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't know how to use this Schweizer nöt from Tommy B (Gothenburg, Sweden) . Fortunately, the back side had helpful instructions.


Along with a postcard, Edmund D (Oxford, England) enclosed "crazy British money." I did verify that it is, indeed, crazy: it's a seven-sided coin. Seriously Britain, what's up with that?


And finally, here's a random assortment of souvenirs whose origin I'm unsure of, including a Babies-R-Us coupon, a Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Pass, two Southwest Airlines Drink Tickets, NASA souvenirs, Punahou High School stickers, and a Canadian Toonie.


I still have a lot more to photograph, so stay tuned for the next Souvenir Potpourri. Feel free to snail-mail in your own in exchange for some WTF Stickers.

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