Ever since the first Free Sticker Week ended back in February '07, I've been sending out WTF Stickers to anyone that mailed me a SASE or a small Souvenir. Nothing specific, per the instructions page, "anything will do." Well, here goes anything, yet again! (first one here, second one here)

Tuuli Mustasydan (Edmonton, CA) finally figured out something to do with his random assortment of souvenirs from around the world.


Jon Silvers (San Fransisco) over at Atlassian Software caught the Manual JIRA article from a little while back and sent over this JIRA tee. They also offered up Manual DailyWTF, which... I could actually see implementing the next time we change names.


Pete McVicar (New Zealand) offered up some coinage and a dove overlay for a few WTF stickers. And good job on your coins, New Zealand. The One Dollar coin actually feels like a dollar, and seven ridges on the 20-cent coin are rather fun. One tip, though: vary the people on the "heads" side a bit. I mean, I know you're into the whole queen thing, but does she really need to be on every single coin?


Lieven Praet (Belgium) sent a very delectable Kinder Bueno and a not-so-tastey LBI branded lanyard.


Jenny Giannete (Asheville, NC) sent this amazingly small plastic pig (postage stamp shown for comparison)..


The folks over at wAMMA (Finland) sent over a patch and a disk containing some pretty cool demos. And wAMMA, in case you're wondering where your WTF stickers are: they've come back from Finland with a big pink PALAUTETAAN: Ei noudettu sticker. Since your wAMMA website is all in Findlandese, I had no idea how to let you know. Aside from, well, this. So, there.


Jesse Smith (Atlanta, GA) sent this receipt from a fine menswear store in Florence, Italy. He was there, apparently, to buy a tie.


"These DigiDots are perfect for all the kids who can't afford an iPod," writes John Heisel (Rochester, NY), "use them to stick your CDs to your locker, desk, or anywhere you want your music in a hurry."


"My teacher once called me a piece of firewood ('brandhout')," Sander Harrewynen (Holland) wrote, "and so my stickers were born."


Chris Craft and the Pee Dee Area .NET User Group (PDANUG) sent this fun pop-up Christmas card. Yeah, I'm a bit behind in posting these...


I need to order some more of these stickers that Bill Crossley (Ypsilanti, MI) sent. Imagine the fun. "But I can't tell you our address, because it might be ITAR controlled! Can't you just look for the big building with smoke pouring out the windows?"


Buddhika (Aukland, NZ) sent in this awesome New Zealandian paperclip. I mean, look at the thing! It does not mess around. Very nice, New Zealand, very nice. Oh, and attached to the paperclip was some stickers for the Warriors ruby league.


"Here's a couple postcards from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre," Ian Georgeson (Scotland) writes, "The Real WTF is that the P5-575 photo is not actually a P5-575. We don't have any of those here."


Jerry (Not Sure, USA) sent over this IT access form...


Someone (Wrocław, Poland) sent this map. I suppose it'll come in handy if I ever find myself in Wrocław... though, the only thing I could recognize on the map was "Zoo". That's okay, though, I suppose it would be fun to see some Polish animals...


Mikołaj R (Wrocław, Poland) sent this 10 złoty bill, "enough for three beers in a shop... or maybe 2 liters of gasoline." Or, hopefully enough for admission to the zoo. By the way New Zealand, pay attention here to the bad-ass looking dude on the currency. He's much more awesome than the queen. I'm just saying.


Marcin Zdun (Wrocław... don't you have any other cities, Poland?) sent a few stickers, a post card, a 1 złoty coin, and a grosz coin. I'm astonished with how small the teeny-tiny grosz is, and I bet the streets of Wrocław are littered with them. Think about it. No one would ever pick up a grosz on the ground because (a) they're only worth 1/3 of a penny, and (b) you need really small fingers to handle the coin. Little kids would be the obvious choice, but no parent wants their vacuum cleaner clogged up with microscopic grosz coins. Unless, of course, Polish vaccum cleaners take this into account... .


Drax felton (Lenoir, NC) sent everything I'd ever need, should I visit Indiana, PA: a flyer for The Jimmy Stewart Museum and a parking pass for the garage across the street from it.


I lost track of who sent in these MTU punch cards...


Timothy Schaaf (Portland, OR) sent his sticker request via FedEx, and included this TDWTF magnet and a prepaid FedEx return envelope.


Frederic (London, UK) sent some incredibly tasty candy from his last trip to Poland. The Michałki - despite having that obnoxious ł letter that I have to copy/paste every time - was incredible. Poland, I think you're the clear winner today.


And finally, here's a bunch of miscelaneous items, including Indian Rupees, a Denver buss pass, a Digital River temporary tattoo, and lots of interesting post cards.



I still have a big pile to photograph, so stay tuned for the next Souvenir Potpourri. Feel free to snail-mail in your own in exchange for some WTF Stickers.

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