"I guess the contact lens service that sent me this package couldn't read the label," wrote Mike Totman, "Maybe they should double check their prescription."


"Coming up next: someone will 'type words here.'" James Oakleywrote ,"Sounds exciting!"


"While playing Counter Strike: Source, I received this error," wrote Nick C " I sure wish I knew a programmer that could fix this."


"Okay," wrotes Serg, "first part? Check! Second part? Check. Third.... wait, WTF?"


"I guess Microsoft isn't quite used to success," writes Eric Packwood


This message popped up in Infrarecorder," notes Dan H, "I'm not sure why they were asking me, though."


"I think we have the harshest password policy ever," noted Devin Cameron.


"That's one way to say it," writes Marcus.


"Excellent!" writes Daniel, "Some Ass is available in HD!"


"I saw this a few months back," Scott Selikoff notes, "apparently, saving 0 cents is pretty spooky!"


"Unable to decide how much of a discount to give to random spam recipients," noted Michael Hoskins , "Pfizer takes the 'shotgun' approach to discounting."


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