There are two development teams at Matt T's company: his group and the other group.

For the most part, they work on the same types of projects, but the other group tends to do things a big differently. For example, Matt's group uses issue tracking software to manage requirements, while they use other means to track requirements. And although they don't champion best practices, they make sure to use other practices. The code they write isn't quite functional or maintainable, but it does serve other purposes.

Perhaps you can figure out what those purposes are after reading this simple, single line of code.

if (params.containsKey(sub.getParentField().toLowerCase()) && (params.get(sub.getParentField().toLowerCase()).getValue().equalsIgnoreCase(sub.getReplaceOn()) || ("*".equalsIgnoreCase(sub.getReplaceOn()) && params.get(sub.getFieldName().toLowerCase()) != null && params.get(sub.getFieldName().toLowerCase()).getValue() != null && !"".equals(params.get(sub.getFieldName().toLowerCase()).getValue().trim()))) && params.containsKey(sub.getFieldName().toLowerCase())) {

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